Friday, April 29, 2016

Matt and Amanda Clarkson | E-Commerce Spotlight

Matt and Amanda Clarkson came from humble beginnings.  In their native Australia, the husband-and-wife couple faced an uncertain financial future.  Matt’s work as a carpenter left him with a bad back, and Amanda’s career as a personal fitness trainer left her unsatisfied and frustrated about her income.  Matt was a regular Internet user and believed in its power, while Amanda found herself mystified by building websites and getting traffic to online business ventures. To read more about discovering the ideal join, read this recent blog post.
Matt and Amanda learned as much as they could about the tools and techniques needed to run a successful online business. In 2006, the couple decided to take the plunge, launching an eBay storefront that sold a variety of products.  The rest, as they say, is history:  in just a few short months, they saw a steady stream of income and exponential growth as their business took off.  They reached Bronze level selling status in a very short time, and not long after became Platinum sellers on the eBay platform.

Tools for Success
Now, Matt and Amanda travel the globe, helping others achieve the same levels of success they’ve enjoyed.  The couple has made a name for themselves as savvy entrepreneurs and as business mentors, giving thousands of people the very same tools and strategies they themselves used when bringing their eBay business to life.  The Clarkson’s primary business ventures now include Easy Home Business and Bidding Buzz, two companies that specialize in training and education for the next generation of eBay success stories. They are also the authors of the best-selling book entitled The Magic of Making Money on eBay, which shares their secrets for success with readers. 

Online Markets and the Power of Automation
In their coursework and mentoring efforts, Matt and Amanda Clarkson share proven sales strategies and business practices that have been proven to work, especially in online shopping marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.  Through their eBay Magic courses offered through their Bidding Buzz company, the couple provides students with a range of useful instruction, including weekly e-classes, downloadable content, help desk support, and promotion/copyrighting strategies that work. 
Most importantly, however, the couple stresses the power of automation.  By using the automation tools available through eBay, Amazon, and other online shopping sites, business operators can reduce the amount of time needed manage their storefronts.  Matt and Amanda teach others to work smarter, not harder!

Helping Others Achieve Success in Business and in Life
Matt and Amanda have earned a reputation for being caring, passionate instructors, and their work with Bidding Buzz and Easy Home Business demonstrate that passion.  Their speaking engagements and online courses have helped thousands of others find reliable income streams and the success that comes with owning a profitable online business. 
They don’t stop there, however.  The couple believes in giving their time and their energy to charities around the world.  In fact, their Easy Home Business company has generated nearly $200,000 in fundraising for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.  This international organization provides program support for children and their families in 11 countries and territories around the world.  One of their largest recent efforts is in medical procedure education for pediatric patients. Matt and Amanda are proud to support the work by this and other charitable organizations, and urge others to give their time, their effort, and their money if possible.

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